Area barbecue

enjoy our villa apartments rental in UmbriaThe barbecue area of Villa Nuba is the ideal space to cook the typical umbrian meat: steaks of veal or pork and the tasty sausages of Perugia, that you can buy from a local butcher far a few steps from the villa. And the traditional roasted skewers on the barbecue are so good!
Of course, at Villa Nuba we suggest to accompany the meat cooked on the barbecue with a red wine .. obviously an umbrian one! And if you are vegetarian? Don’t worry …. Umbria is also famous for genuine vegetables that you can grill in the barbecue … maybe with the fine DOP extra virgin olive oil for which Umbria is one of the major producing regions.

I would like to tell you more but it’s late and I have to go turning the sausages on the barbecue … tonight at Villa Nuba there’s an intimate barbecue – party
with our friend – Guests!
You are invited too but carry some good wine!
Come on, we are waiting for you!

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